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Property Management Services for Owners:

You own rental investment properties to make money. If you have been struggling to manage your rentals on your own, you may have found it is not as easy as it sounds to balance costs versus returns. When you come to us for your Tampa Bay property management needs we will help you in the following ways:

Landlord Tenant Law

The lease contract between you and your tenant is governed by the terms of the Florida Landlord Tenant Law FL Statute 83.  We maintain a relationship with the office  Heist, Weisse and Wolk, PA a firm of Florida attorneys whose only specialty is Landlord Tenant Law. We use their services to prepare leases, handle non-compliance issues,and evictions when necessary.  They are available to guide our agents through circumstances that may occur in the lease relationship.   As a landlord you may want to look at their website to read informative articles that are published monthly.

View our Landlord/Tenant Law.


Lead Base Paint

Lead Based Paint Booklet Information

If your investment property was built prior to 1978,  There are certain federal requirements for disclosure to owners and tenants as well as certification requirements for vendors who may disturb painted areas larger than 6 square feet on the interior or 20 square feet on the exterior of the home. We confirm that vendors who are going to disturb areas above that size are certified by the EPA to perform work using approved containment methods.



Our Residential Asset Property Manager who lists your property for lease and who will manage the relationship between you and your tenant is teamed with a maintenance dispatcher and Maintenance coordinator. Those maintenance specialists are the ones to receive and dispatch vendors as needed to the property.

Rental property maintenance is one of the biggest expenses and risk factors in real estate investing.  One of the many benefits of using Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Property Group is our approach to rental property maintenance. Tenants can be hard on rental properties but so can allowing a property to age without property preventative maintenance. The Florida sun and humidity lessen the life of most paint and roof products. Aging hot water heaters and water connection lines to appliances can spring leaks. There are many vendors available to respond to these needs.  We require maintenance providers to maintain any required license, liability insurance, workers comp or state issued exemption and vehicle insurance as a protection to the property owner.

When a tenant contacts us with a service request, our first step is to trouble-shoot the issue directly with the tenant. If we resolve the issue over the phone with the tenant, there is no charge to you or the tenant; this service is part of our monthly management fee.  If we do determine that there is a rental property maintenance issue and cannot resolve it over the phone, then we will dispatch a technician to resolve the issue.  If we estimate that the cost of repair will be $300 or less, we will move forward with the repair and simply bill your account in our system.  If we estimate that the cost could exceed $300, we will seek your approval. If you are not reachable and the situation is an emergency threatening the safety of the tenant or the structure of the home, we will take the most prudent action to minimize risk of additional damage.

If the tenant caused the maintenance issue, then we will seek to recover the expense from the tenant.  In all cases (regardless of the type of repair, or the estimated cost), you and your Asset Property Manager will receive a courtesy alert through our automated system which will inform you that there was a maintenance issue. If you do not want to be alerted, we can turn off that feature.

We have agreements with a wide variety of Vendors who can handle just about anything ranging from day-to-day maintenance, to turnovers, as well as rehabbing and large-scale projects.

Owner's Insurance

Why do owner’s need a rental insurance policy if they’re a landlord?

See why tenant’s need rental insurance

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Rental Ordinances

Below is a selection of Cities that require owners to register their rental properties and maintain an occupancy license. Click the link below to download the information and application. The City of Tampa added a mandatory Free rental registration to is City code on August 2nd 2016.

City of Tampa Launches Rent it Right Tampa

Tampa, Fl. (August 2, 2016) –To ensure that residential rental units within the City meet minimum housing standards, the City embarked upon a Residential Rental Registration Ordinance called Rent It Right Tampa.

The Ordinance was a collaborative effort of the Great Tampa Association of Realtors, the Bay Area Apartment Association and the City of Tampa. Unique features of the Ordinance allow for the property owner landlords to inform the City of the contact information for the tenant and what the tenant responsibilities are under the lease agreement.

Recently, 29,000 notices were mailed to property owners advising them of the Rent It Right Tampa Ordinance. The Ordinance requires property owner landlords who offer residential rentals, or who rent 1-4 units to complete a no fee/no cost registration on line at Annual registration is required and there are sanctions for noncompliance.

Also, within the on line site, property owner landlords are provided with applicable City codes to assist them in ensuring and maintain compliance. For the City ensuring compliance helps to prevent blighted areas and reduce incidence of crime and emergency services calls.

For additional information please contact our Rental Certificate hotline at 813-274-8766.

Home Warranty

You may wish to control the expenses on your investment Property by purchasing warranty programs. Many Owners have found this to be a very cost effective way to handle repairs on appliances, water heaters, heat and air systems and minor plumbing and electrical costs. Tenants in the property are given direct access to the warranty company and they pay for the deductible trip charge for each visit.

E-mail our customer service department at for information on home warranty.

Check the documents tab in your Owner Portal for more information on these valuable services.

Appliance Shopping Tips

As per the department of Energy, every appliance comes with two price tags: the actual price for buying and its operating costs.

The Energy Star® logo ensures that the appliance meets the standards mentioned by federal authorities as far as energy saving is concerned. The Energy star calibrated appliances include water heaters, windows, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and basically all appliances that consume electrical energy in home usage.

Additionally, the government has made it easy for the average consumer to understand the operating cost of every appliance. This is done in the form of a bright yellow and black energy guides that list which appliance is energy efficient along with the estimated operating cost of each appliance.

Remember that most appliances we use daily account for nearly 15% of the household's energy expenses. Appliances like refrigerators, laundry machines and dishwashers top this list. So it helps if you or your landlord agrees to installing energy efficient appliances as these help pay for themselves in the long run. Many smart appliances are also available today and these automatically shift use to off peak hours thus saving a great deal of money.