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Animal Policy

Animals will be considered by owners who allow them but only if the Pet portion of the online application for residency is completed and a non-refundable pet application fee of $50 per pet is submitted.   There will be an additional pet privilege fee determined by each owner added to the lease terms in the Pet Addendum to Lease. If pets become a problem with neighbors or do damage to the home, the pet privilege will be revoked and you will be asked to remove the pet from the home while you live out the remainder of your lease term. Some owners require tenants to provide pet liability insurance as well.

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This application is made as a part of my/our rental application for the property located at:  __.

I/we do hereby request that my/our pet(s) be approved to reside with me/us during the term of my/our lease agreement.

The following pets or mixed breeds of these will not be accepted: Rottweillers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls (A.K.A. Staffordshire Terriers), Bull Terriers, Wolf hybrids, German Shepherds, Chows, Presa Canarios and any others which may be listed in property owner’s insurance policy or on websites listing vicious breeds .

In consideration of having my/our pet approved, we agree to pay $50.00 (per pet) as a non-refundable pet application fee to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group. This application fee is paid as I/we understand that a pet occupied property often times causes the Owner/Property Manager more work, closer inspections and occasional complaints from neighboring properties. I further understand that in addition to this non-refundable application fee I will be charged $250 per pet as a non-refundable pet fee which will appear in the lease as an advance fee. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group requests a photograph of the pet whose application is being considered, before final approval is given.  Tenant will provide pet’s current license at time of move-in and agrees to keep license and shots current as required by law.

PET #1





PET #2





I/We the Owners of the above described pet(s), do hereby certify the following:My/our pet(s) is/are well trained, is/are not dangerous to others and does/do not have a propensity to be vicious. My/our pet(s) has never bitten, clawed or caused harm to another person.

  1. In the event the pet produces a litter, I/We agree to keep them at the rental premises no longer than one month past weaning.

  2. I/We shall not engage in any commercial pet-raising activities

  3. There shall be no other pets, other than listed above on premises without the express written approval of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group agent for Owner. Should I/We desire additional pets, I/We agree to apply to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group agent for Owner for written approval prior to pet occupancy.

  4. I/We agree to keep the pet(s) from becoming a nuisance to neighbors. This includes controlling the barking of the pet(s), if necessary and cleaning up any animal waste in the yard or on public or common areas.

  5. In the event that my/our pet(s) causes/cause damages/damage or destruction to the property, I/We agree that all costs of said damage or destruction shall come out of our security deposit as stipulated in the lease agreement.  Should the security deposit be insufficient to cover the cost any pet damage or destruction, then I/We agree to be financially responsible for damages above and beyond the amount of my/our security deposit.

  6. If the pet becomes a nuisance or causes damage or destruction to the premises or otherwise violates the terms of this pet application, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group may terminate the pets’ right of occupancy as agreed and/or my/our lease agreement.

This Language is part of the Online application for residency. and by agreeing electronically to have your application screened you will also be agreeing to pay the pet application fee if your application is approved.