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What to Do When Your Tampa Tenant is Destroying Your Rental Property

System - Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Today we are talking about what you can do when you discover that your tenant is causing damage to your property. Here’s the good news: in our experience, we have seen a minimal amount of intentional damage. Mostly what we see is damage and neglect that’s just due to poor housekeeping.

Inspections and Evaluations

A thorough professional property manager in Tampa will have eyes on the property throughout the course of the lease. Using photos, videos and written notes, we are able to document the condition of the property. These evaluations take place before a tenant moves in, after a tenant moves out and sometimes during the course of a lease. These are evaluations, not professional inspections. You can get a professional inspection for around $120, and that is much less than you would pay if you were selling the home and needed a similar inspection.

Corrective Actions

When you identify a problem, there are some corrective actions you will need to take. Those actions begin with legally mandated notices. If a tenant is not doing something that the lease requires, such as keeping the grass mowed, or there’s a car on the lawn or the housekeeping has been really bad, you need to send a notice. The wording for these notices is precise and it can be found in the landlord tenant law. There are curable notices, where the tenant is given the opportunity to rectify the situation, and there are also notices that terminate the lease quickly because the circumstances are seriously damaging to the property.

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