Avoiding Rental Scams

There is a lot of good information on the internet about avoiding rental scams. If you are searching for homes online, one site you may wish to visit is www.RentalScams.org

Real estate listings can be conveniently browsed through the comforts of one’s home thanks to websites such as Craigslist etc. However; these same websites have also led to a rise in the number of online rental scams in all property management St Pete Fl.

Tenants should be very cautious of such online rental listings. Landlords need to ensure that their properties are not used in scamming people and also make sure that their advertising and marketing tactics make the property look genuine while reaching out to a larger group of potential tenants.

The first thing to do is lead the online renter to a genuine website. Most scammers create a bulk posting of rental listings and these do not go to any real estate website simply because they are too busy to create a professional one.

Secondly, you must make it a point to visit these free rental listing portals to check properties in your neighborhood every once in a while, just to make sure that your property has not been used unknowingly for scamming by these fake landlords.

For your local renters, make sure that you note down your correct contact details on the yard signs used for marketing the property. This will enable people who actually drive down by the property to contact you. However, this tactic might not be very useful for the out-of-town renters.

Finally, never ask renters to mail you the deposit/rent checks, claiming that you are not available in the city/country. Most smart renters are aware of these scams and will not pay you using such means.