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Inform Us of a Maintenance Issue

Maintenance Form

For Repairs on your home, create a service request from your tenant portal at or call Building Services 813-852-6800.

If the SITUATION NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION during normal business hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday- Friday, Create Service Request AND CALL Dispatcher at 813-852-6800 ALSO.

Your service request from the portal will be sent to the appropriate vendor. If you do not get a confirmation email that service request was sent, then your request did not go through and you will need to recreate it. You can expect a call back within 24 hours for non-emergencies and sooner for emergencies. We expect to have a technician at your home within 72 hours for non-emergency situations. Please be very specific about the repair need and you may also attach photos of the area needed attention to the request as well if you think they will be helpful.

EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS: CALL 813-852-6800 to reach our after-hours call center.

Emergencies are defined as a water leak creating a flooding situation (Turn water off at valve or to the whole house if necessary to stop the flow), an electrical fire hazard (Turn off the Main Breaker and If you smell smoke call the fire department). Emergencies also include a breach of your home’s structural integrity such as windows, doors, walls or roof that creates an immediate health or safety issue.

AC not working if outside temperature is over 85 degrees, Heat not working if outside temperature is colder than 60 degrees will be handled as technicians are available.

  • Quality Workmanship with Protection against unlicensed under insured Technicians

    Rental property maintenance is one of the biggest expenses and risk factors in real estate investing. One of the many benefits of using Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group is our approach to rental property maintenance. Tenants can be hard on rental properties but so can allowing a property to age without property preventative maintenance. The Florida sun and humidity lessen the life of most paint and roof products. Aging hot water heaters and water connection lines to appliances can spring leaks. There are many vendors available to respond to these needs. We require maintenance providers to maintain required license, liability insurance, workers comp and commercial vehicle insurance as a protection to the property owner.

    When a tenant contacts us with a service request, our first step is to trouble-shoot the issue directly with the tenant. If we resolve the issue over the phone with the tenant, there is no charge to you or the tenant; this service is part of our monthly management fee. If we do determine that there is a rental property maintenance issue and cannot resolve it over the phone, then we will dispatch a Technician to resolve the issue. If we estimate that the cost of repair will be $300 or less, we will move forward with the repair and simply bill your account in our system. If we estimate that the cost could exceed $300, we will seek your approval. If you are not reachable and the situation is an emergency threatening the safety of the tenant or the structure of the home, we will take the most prudent action to minimize risk of additional damage.

    If the tenant caused the maintenance issue, then we will seek to recover the expense from the tenant. In all cases (regardless of the type of repair, or the estimated cost), you and your Asset Property Manager will receive a courtesy alert through our automated system which will inform you that there was a maintenance issue. If you do not want to be alerted, we can turn off that feature.

    Our pool of Core Vendors provide services ranging from day-to-day maintenance, to turnovers, as well as rehabbing and large-scale projects. We hire the experts when it comes to rental property maintenance and project management!