The Property Minder Plan

When the goal for a property is not tenant placement, but to watch the home for the absentee owner to protect their investment, the solution is our Property Minder Plan. This service will provide pease of mind to owners that want an experienced professional to help maintain their property while they are away.

This program can help -

Often these "keep an eye on" duties fall to a family member or neighbor and are done out of friendship as a favor. While this sounds like an easy solution, it creates risk for both owner and fried and can ruin a good relationship. Most folks do not have a ready source of service providers and are not contractually obligated to perform needed tasks and recognize problems in their early stages. Homes that sit vacant for an extended period are targets for vandals and squatters.

We offer a professionally accountable short or long term property minder solution that includes a varied menu of valet services along with consistent periodic visits accompanied by a written and pictorial record of condition and tasks that are either needed or provided.