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Tips for Owners from Lakeland property management

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The key to avoiding a demanding tenant is to site one during the first showing of the property, say the experts from Lakeland property management. Such a tenant will inspect everything and very likely treat the property as if it were his own. On the upside of things, such a tenant will also be aware when you are offering quality services and in the event s/he rents from you; will likely treat the property well.

However, owners must tread carefully when dealing with such a tenant. You must ensure clearly spelling out the terms of the lease as to what you will and will not do. You must be especially carefully when describing what constitutes an emergency. Failure to do this will mean getting out of bed at 2am to placate the tenant.

It is also very important to remain professional. Naturally, you cannot get over friendly with a tenant nor can you treat him poorly. The former will get you in trouble when trying to raise the rents while the latter could even escalate a simple disagreement in a full blown legal battle.

It is also important to give an emergency-only contact number to tenants which they may call during non-office hours. Additionally, get all the non-emergency records and demands on record as well, so that there is no dispute later.